Tiki Bands & Music
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Exotica, Lounge & Surf  sounds from one of the top bands in the genre today.
Cocktail NationKoop Kooper ‘s Cocktail Podcast – Aussie  style.
Jet Set PlanetStreaming exotica / lounge, great site with lots of cool vintage  record cover art.
Secret Surfin’ SpotLive 365 station spinning  surf  exotica and  more.
The Smokin’ Menehunes Good friends of ours who serve up the smokin’ sounds of Hapa Haole.
Dancing Tehani The amazing belly dancer and hula dancer who has performed with The Tikiyaki Orchestra.

Tiki Artists &  Carvers
 Kirby’s  IslandHome of artist and carver Kirby
 Jason SallinThe talented artist who painted the beautiful velvet paintings hanging on the walls at the Tonga Hut
BoskoTiki Carver Extraordinaire!
ShagNeed we say more ???
GeckoHonolulu Area Tiki Carver
Swampfire Lounge – Home of talented graphic artist  Doug Horne
Coconut Monkey Project Susannah Mosher aka “Atomikitty”
Tiki  DiabloAwesome artist and carver

Other great stuff!
Mojave Oasis – An Oasis in the  Mojave Desert
Zen Tiki Lounge The Only Tiki Lounge you need. 
Great conversation, drinks and witty friends!
Tiki Magazine & More  The original Tiki Magizine covering all things Tiki, plus Mid Century, Vintage Theme parks and Much More!