“I love Tiki Bars, especially lounges. I had been searching for a great loungey Tiki place in the LA area, and within minutes of walking into the Tonga Hut Tiki Lounge, I was sure I had found a new favorite. The place instantly evokes a feeling of laid-back atmosphere, with beautiful attention to detail in the design of the booths, the lighting, and the main lounge area makes the place feel like someones really awesome private living room from a 1960s Hollywood Hills house.”

“The drinks are spectacular, and there is a large variety to choose from. The bar area is superbly decorated with mini waterfalls and appropriate lighting to give even bar-sitters the appropriate ambiance. The only thing that would make the place unstoppable is if the music was rotating Martin Deny / Don Ho / Hawaiian Tiki-bar selections, instead of jukebox. Having said that, I understand that many regulars of Tonga Hut love the Jukebox, AND it has Tiki music available anyway. Additionally, at one point, Tiki music was playing and an older couple got up and started dancing. THAT made it even more awesome to me.”

“Tonga Hut is officially in my top 3 favorite Tiki bars in LA. Great atmosphere, very accessible, easy to park, appropriately themed, good clientele. It’s the real deal, it has been alive in LA for many many decades and it makes sense why. Come on down, bring your Hawaiian shirts and thirst for rum, and get ready to relax the world away.”

“The Tonga Hut is my go to bar when I come down to LA (which is quite often) and I have to say that if I could convince the owners to open a NorCal location I just might die and go to heaven.”

“I give Tonga Hut 10 stars! We knew the bartender wasn’t fuckin’ around when we said, “We want Mai Tais!” and she said, “Regular, Spicy, or Passion Fruit?” Whaaaaatttt??? We have choices??? All the drinks we had were delicious, though I don’t even remember which because hey, I was pretty buzzed. I know I started with a Passion Fruit Mai Tai. Will definitely come out here again.”

“I miss you Tongo Hut, but as you know when I get back to Los Angeles, you’re the first bar I go to.”

“The drinks are strong and delicious, and the Lovely Bartender Lisa Marie made me the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had in my life! I always have a great experience chilling out here. It’s got great ambiance and is a nice escape from the trendy bar scene of LA.”

“I absolutely LOVE this place! I have the utmost respect for the people who brought this place back up from what it was just a few years ago. Job WELL done! Not only are the drinks fabulous, intricate, and unique, but they are served with a smile and these people even make they’re own syrups and elixirs! These bartenders are skilled and friendly and the decor is straight out of a Shag painting! They have done so much with such a small space and it looks incredible! They added tiki hut cabana roofs to the green circular booths with lovely cylinder lamps and really gave it an intimate and fun feel. I only wish this place was down the street from me. I would crank through the Grog Log as quickly as I could and I don’t think they’d be able to get rid of me! ; )”

“Marie was my bartender this time around and just as pleasant as can be! I hope to be back real soon!”

“First…the remodel was LOOOONG overdue and looks beyond amazing. From the hand carved stools and wall art to the remodeled benches, new floors and amazing light fixtures stepping into The Tonga Hut is like stepping into a bar you would see Don Draper drinking a Mai Tai at on Mad Men. Class and swagger all the way. Second…the staff. Up until almost a year ago bartender Kelly Hiphipahula Reilly was a great cocktail maker and I always enjoyed whatever libation she whipped up for me. As the bar changed and a new co-owner came on board Marie King, of Don the Beachcomber formerly, took on the role of both bar manager and head mixologist and I have to say that this is one lady who not only knows how to make a drink that will knock your socks off but can tell you the ins and outs of every booze, the levels of flavor you should be experiencing as you drink your drink, and the origin of said cocktail. I appreciate that in a tiki bar manager because tiki drinks are not meant to be guzzled down (oops!) but are meant to be savored and enjoyed and knowing just why that is makes it even better to drink.. As far as the other bartenders I have to also give props to Lisa Marie who not only is one of the sweetest gals I have ever met but can make a mean cocktail as well. I think it must be a “Marie” quality to be so good at what you do 😉 Third….the regulars. Now, I am a Tiki “dork” and know all the regulars to this beloved bar but never fear you can meet them and get to love them too 🙂 Come by on a Sunday and listen to Marty Lush or Scott Mabutt spin records as you dine on free NoHo nachos and ding dongs (two great tastes that taste great together!) as you sip a grog log cocktail. Fourth …speaking of The Grog Log…you want to REALLY make your trip to The Tonga Hut a great one ? Ask to start working on becoming a member of The Loyal Order of the Drooling Bastard by drinking every one of the cocktails at least once from The Grog Log. I think there is between 70-80 beverages to drink and if you finish the list in one year you not only become a member of The Loyal Order of the Drooling Bastard and have your name immortalized on the wall BUT you get a token where from that day forward you get $1.00 off EVERY drink you order until the day you die I guess. LOL! Finally… who wants to drink beer at a sports bar or have cocktails at a place where there is a dress code when you have this amazing bar, with amazing history, amazing staff, amazing owners and you can come as you are, have a great time, drink some damn fine drinks and seriously enjoy your night out regardless if its a Tuesday night or a Saturday early evening. Tonga Hut… I love you …..and can’t wait to see you again soon!!”

“My beautiful temple of gritty retro Tiki Pop Culture!”

“The Tonga Hut, save for its new decor, is a place that I just feel comfortable. The jukebox is eclectic, the tropical drinks are solid, and the staff is easygoing and willing to please. I love to come here and hang out with my friends and enjoy the environment and the drinks. On some nights they even have a taco lady that makes a killer, and I do mean killer, Habanero sauce to go with her awesome tacos.”

“I am a fan indeed! Tonga Hut is your local, chill Tiki bar. It’s not a place to get buckwild and go crazy. It’s a place to come with a few friends, sit by their 1960s fireplace, and enjoy some strong Tiki drinks. My favorite concoction is the Zombie, which was delicious but really strong. Make sure you keep track of how many you drink. The decor is what really makes this place. You immediatly are transported to a 1960s dive bar where you would imagine characters from Mad Men hanging out. I was half-expecting Jackie O to walk out with a Jello salad for us to enjoy. Overall, a really great bar with good drinks and a quirky atmosphere. Free parking in the back too!”

“It’s a nice mixed crowd, Sundays from 5-8 are the best – when its just awesome island music and Lisa Marie is making the ultimate Tiki drinks.”